Community Education/ETC



Explorer Time Company is now accepting registrations for the 2017-18 school year. Students must be at least 5 years old to attend (due to state licensing regulations). Explorer Time Company is a licensed after school program that operates at each of Woodford County's elementary schools.ETC has participated with the STARS Quailty Program since  2010 and is currently a 2 star program.In 2009 ETC was awarded the "Outstanding After School Award" by Kentucky Community Education Association (KCEA)

Our goal at ETC is to offer a safe and fun environment for students to explore and be exposed to activities that they normally wouldn't have the opportunity to participate in. Explorer Time Company has an open door policy and encourages you to stop by and see what we offer our students every day.

If you would like more information about ETC you can contact our program manager, Sharon Cole at or by calling 879-4628 or 621-1621.

Explorer Time Company (ETC)  after school enrichment child care registration is ongoing at each district elementary school. Please see the ETC coordinator at your childs school for an application form.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 859-879-4628. You can also obtain a registration form at this link. It can be emailed to Sharon Cole or faxed to : 859-873-1328.  

Click here for 17-18 ETC Registration Packet Download: /userfiles/476/my files/17-18 registration packet.pdf?id=8109

ETC is open until 6pm on regular school days. Hours are 7am until 6pm on Snow Days unless conditions are too dangerous such a state of emergency declared by the governor.  Full day programs take place at one locaton that will be announced in advance.

ETC will also be open for its full day program on Non-Traditional Instruction Days (NTI).  During NTI days, students will have an opportunity to work on previously assigned school work at several sessions during the day's activity schedules.  

Students must be registered in the ETC program before they can attend on full days.  

If ETC has to be closed for dangerous conditions, families will be notified by the One Call Now system and/or email as early as possible.


Woodford County Schools is fortunate to have a strong and dedicated volunteer corps who assist in many capacities in all schools.  The volunteer handbook outlines policies and procedures that assure a safe and effective experience for all.  If you need a hard copy or desire face to face training, please contact your school to arrange a session through Community Education.  The handbook can be accessed here.  Volunteers are asked to fill out the back page and have it on file at each school they serve.