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Welcome to the official Woodford County High School Website.  Please take the time to look around.  If the information you are looking for is not listed, then please call the school at 879-4630 and we will be happy to help you!  

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Afterschool Tutoring Schedule

Teachers have scheduled time to stay afterschool to tutor students.  Click on the tutoring schedule below if you desire your child to have help with a particular subject.


S.T.O.P Tipline: Anti-Bullying

S.T.O.P TIPLINE: The Woodford County Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and orderly learning environment for all our students.  In an effort to address behaviors and concerns that may negatively impact this committment, we have recently implemented the S.T.O.P. Tipline.  This tool is a way for anyone to anonymously report bullying or other negative behaviors to school and district administrators.  A link to the S.T.O.P. Tipline has been placed on the WCPS homepage at www.woodfordschools.org as well as each school's individual website.  The link is prominently marked with a STOP sign labeled "Safety Tipline.  Online Prevention".  We appreciate your help in making Woodford County Public Schools a safe place for kids. 

Basic Office Information!


  • BUS NOTES:  Bus notes need to be dropped off in the main office in the morning. We will have the Official WCHS bus note ready for students to pick up in the afternoon. Thanks.
  • DRIVER  PERMIT FORMS: Permit forms need to be filled out and given to the main office 3 days prior to taking the permit test. Thanks.
  • HOMEWORK REQUEST POLICY:  As per page 21 in the student handbook, if a student is absent for more than one day, then a request for assignments may be made by calling the office prior to 9:30am in the  morning.  Thanks.

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