CLUBS 2018-2019

Clubs meet different weeks during HIVE.

WCHS Clubs


Adventure Club

Mr. Mullins      218            Fees for each adventure                                          Week 1

The WCHS Adventure Club has been organized for the purpose of providing educational and experiential opportunities to help connect our students through multiple outdoor activities. Each meeting will consist of a new topic. Information relayed to members will include: What the activity is, Basic fundamentals/techniques, locations nearby, and basic gear. Following the lesson taught that month, the president(s) will organize a gathering of students to go out and participate in the covered event outside of school hours. Gatherings could possibly include: Belay lesson at L’ Escalade Fitness, Mountain Biking at Capital View park, or Kayaking/Canoeing at Canoe Kentucky. All of these Gatherings will be organized through the club to receive group discounts/rates but will not be paid for by the club.


Art Club  Art

Mrs. Marks       Room 122        Dues:  $5.00                                                     Week 1
The art club’s mission is to serve others by using our artistic talents, creative knowledge and by exploring and developing our appreciation of our environment.  We hope to spread our love of art within our school and to other citizens in the community. 


Astronomy Club

Mr. Iglehart       Room 212        Dues: FREE                                                      Week 1

The Astronomy Club is an organization promoting intellectual and academic inquiry into the realm of outer space. The group discusses or participates in activities relating to cosmological physics, the solar system, space travel, and general information concerning space. We hold meteor shower parties and documentary viewings when possible. 


Bike Club

Mrs. Hamilton   Gym                Dues: $10.00                                                    Week 2

This group will discuss/examine all things ‘Bike’ :  Safety, maintenance, different types and possibly plan bike excursions.


Book Club 

Mrs. Romine     Library Cnf.     Dues:  $5.00                                                    Week 1
Welcome all students with a fondness for literature. We plan to host events for students who enjoy reading. The club will choose a book to read and we will have discussion of the literature at our monthly meetings. 


Chess Club

Mr. Blake         Room 148        Dues:  None                                                     Week 1
from friendly to competitive, depending on what each player wants. The purpose of the This club is for beginners who want to learn the game, amateurs who want to perfect their skills, and experts who want to share their wisdom.  Club members will learn the ancestry of the game as well time-tested techniques of strategy.  Students will play using their iPads and a free chess app.  The games will range club, however, is to have a friendly place for those intrigued by the game to learn and those who love the game to play.  


Creative Writing Club 

Ms. Benton Room        Room 156        Dues:  $5.00                                         Week 1
This club fosters the creative writing art in the individual and promotes their passion for writing to the school and the community.  Everyone is welcome as long as they have a passion for writing! 



Mrs. Schuerman           Room 110        Dues:  $20.00                                                   Week 1

If you are truly interested in marketing and wish to develop marketing knowledge, communication skills, and networking skills outside of the classroom DECA is for you. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Students should be enrolled in a marketing class or have taken marketing classes in previous years. 

Energy Team

Dr. Smith           Room 210         Dues: FREE                                                                  Week 1
To conserve energy in the school so savings can be directed toward educational purposes. 


Esperanza Association  

Ms. Gonzalez   Room 222         Dues:  $5.00                                                                 Week 1
The translation for “Esperanza Association” is the Association of Hope.  The purpose of this club is to join students of various cultures and beliefs with the commonality of our meetings being “Hope!”  All students are welcome! 


FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America  

Ms. Schuerman             Room 110         Dues:  $12.00                                                   Week 2

Our goal is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership programs. This club develops competent, aggressive business leaders giving strengthen and confidence to student and their work.  We strive to create interest and understanding of the American business enterprise.  For students enrolled in a Business/Marketing course this year or previous years


FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Mrs. Basanta    Room 219                     Dues:  FREE                                                     Week 2
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes / Anybodies) you do not have to be an athlete to join!

Our club meets to learn about God, pray together, worship together, and serve the school. We meet Thursday mornings at 7:30 am for breakfast and devotional time. We have a monthly club meeting and also meet each day at 7:50 am by the flag pole for devotional time and prayer for our school. All students are welcome and there is no club fee. See Mrs. Preece or Mrs. Basanta for more details.   


FCCLA-Family Career & Community Leaders of America 
Mrs. Raterman/Ms. Moffett/Mrs. Coyle Room 113                     Dues: $16.00                Week 2
We promote personal growth and leadership development through the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, Taylor Manor outreach, and other school/community service projects. Our club focuses on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader. Students enrolled in Family Consumer Science courses this year or previous years are welcome! 


FFA-Future Farmers of America 

Mrs. Probst       Room 182        Dues:  $20.00                                                               Week 2

With over 520,000 members, FFA is the LARGEST youth organization!  We are comprised of dynamic young leaders who share an interest in the many different areas of agriculture, not just farming. Woodford County FFA gives its members the opportunities to develop leadership, public speaking, community service, & team work skills. Students must be enrolled in at least one agriculture course for this academic year. 


Film Club

Mr. Stoltz                     Room 153         Dues: $5.00                                                     Week 2

Created for students who love making, viewing & discussing movies.  We meet once a month for movie viewing & discussion.  We also shoot an annual Halloween horror movie and put on Woodford’s Annual Video Extravaganza-a celebration & contest for student produced video shorts.  This is an active club & members are expected to participate in the majority of the club events.  We will also take on various movie related projects.   


Gay Straight Alliance 

Ms. Schwarz                Room 152        Dues $5.00                                                       Week 2

The Gay Straight Alliance is a club dedicated to the awareness and acceptance of human diversity. Club members will work together to perpetuate a welcoming space for every voice in the community.  All students are welcome! 


Girls United

Mrs. Gibson                 Room  151       Dues $5.00                                                       Week 3

This club promotes acceptance and kindness among the young women within our community. Join us for a variety of activities designed to UNITE girls in a positive, encouraging, uplifting, and non-threatening environment.


HOSA- Future Health Professionals Club  

Mrs. Fitzpatrick            Room 225        Dues:  $25                                                        Week 3

If you are interested in pursuing a career within the medical field, HOSA is the club for you!  HOSA is very active in the school and community as we sponsor multiple events such as Pink Week, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Race for the Children, and WCHS blood drives.  Eligible members must be interested in the medical field, be taking or have taken health science courses, and complete an application.  Dues include a t-shirt.


Key Club  

Ms Conn                      Room  219         Dues:  $20.00                                                   Week 2

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Members of the Kiwanis International family, key club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Through club, group and individual service opportunities, members of WCHS key club are expected to complete a minimum of 30 service hours per year.


Mr. Strickland             Room 128                                                                               Week 3


Music Review Club 
Mr. Stoltz      Rm. 153 



NHS/Beta-National Honor Society & Beta Club  

Mrs. Popp         Library courtyard          Dues: $25.00 for each club                               Week 3

A national academic service organization whose goal is to honor academic achievement partnered with community and school service.  In the spring sophomores who have GPA’s of 3.5 or higher are invited to apply to NHS; likewise those with a GPA of 3.2 or higher are invited to apply for membership to Beta. To apply a student must fill out the application. Students must earn a total of 20 service hours per club by the end of their senior year to obtain the honor of wearing NHS collars and/or Beta cords at graduation.  



Mrs. Lewis/Mrs. Wilson                       Dues: none                                                       Week 1

Nia is a club for empowering African American girls and exposing them to resources to assist them while in high school and their college/career transition.  The African translation for Nia is "Purpose".  Opportunities for community service will be provided. 

Pathways Program Pa

Ms. Rall           Room 108        Dues: FREE                                                                 Week 3

The Pathways program, in conjunction with Midway College, will meet once a month on Fridays at Midway University (field trip during school day). This program does not include open membership. Students may apply after their sophomore year.


Pep Club  

Ms. Crager                    Room 220       Dues:  $5.00                                                      Week 1

Student representatives from each grade elected by their peers plan the football homecoming and Jackfest pep rallies.  This group plans school-wide events to increase spirit and support of our athlete teams.  Must complete an application, located outside of room 102. 


Random Acts of Kindness

Ms. Martinez                Room 107        Dues $5.00                                                       Week 1

Random Acts of Kindness, is a club whose goal it is to create a ripple effect that comes along with kind acts. We participate in various activities to promote kindness and helping others in our school and community. Through this process, it will empower our school and community by showing participants how much of an impact they have with their actions.


Spanish Club   Mrs. Gonzalez                           Room 222         Dues:  $15.00                            Week 4

In Spanish club, we learn more about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. We practice our language skills as well as play games, make crafts, eat food, and have fun!  Dues include a club shirt.


Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica  

Mrs. Basanta                 Room 219         Dues: $15.00                                                    Week 1

A national academic organization for students with superior academic skills in Spanish courses. Students interested in the Spanish language, Spanish culture, and community service. As S.N.H.S. members, we go to cultural activities, language competitions, and community vents, as well as social club get-togethers where we sample Hispanic cuisine and enjoy each other’s company. The primary focus of our society, however, is on service, directed both toward the Hispanic community and the community as a whole. Students must have maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish for a minimum of three semester.  In other words, all students must be in the second semester of Spanish 2 or higher.  Membership is open to students in grades 10, 11 and 12.  


STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program)  

Ms. Boss                      Room 150        Dues: $15.00                                                    Week 4 
The Student Technology Leadership Program uses technology as a way to solve problems in our school and community through student-driven projects and ideas.   


Student Council 
Mr. Lewis                     Room 109        Dues:  $5.00                                                     Week 4
Student representatives from each grade elected by their peers meet with administration to share student concerns, plan school-wide events, and complete community service projects.  Must complete an application. 


Theatre Club  

Mr. Tonks                     Stage                 Dues:  $5.00                                                     Week 4

We provide students an opportunity to pursue their interest in theater, regardless of prior experience. Some of the potential experiences include acting, costume design, lighting design, set construction, stage management, direction, and production experience. In this club, theatre truly is a collaborative art. 


TSA Technology Student Association/Vex Robotics  

Mr. Greene                   Room 125        Dues: $20                                                         Week 4

This club fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related program. 


WISE (Women in STEM Education)

Mr. Greene                   Room 125        FREE                                                               Week 3

WISE enables students and energizes people in business, industry and education to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our mission – gender parity in the scientific, technology and engineering workforce – from classroom to boardroom. For our inaugural year, WCHS WISE members will explore the various professional and educational opportunities in the STEM fields through various mediums including guest speakers, videos, and hopefully one or more field trips.



Mrs. Meade                  Room 138        Dues: $15.00                                                    Week 4

Y-club is a service and leadership club affiliated with the Kentucky YMCA.  We serve our community and develop leadership skills through attendance at KYA (Student mock government) and KUNA (Model United Nations) Conferences.  In addition, Y-Clubs organizes and participates in various service projects throughout the year at both a local and international level.   For more information – see   


Young Democrats

Mr. Smith         Room 103          Dues:  $15.00                                                                Week 4

Young Democrats is a political club focused inspiring young people to engage with the political process at the local, state and federal levels. All who care about our future as a community, state and nation are welcome to join. "Get involved, the world is run by those who show up!"


Young Moderates

Mr. Stoltz         Room 153          Dues:  TBD                                                                  Week 3

As a club, we allow young people to express their political views and be free thinkers through humbling community service and the civil discussion of various problems in the United States and possible solutions.


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