Dress Code

Simmons Student Uniform Dress Code - Amended Sept. 2017

Código de vestimenta del estudiante de Simmons - Enmendado septiembre de 2017


At Simmons Elementary School, we consider appropriate attire and appearance to directly correlate with academic success. The purpose of implementing this policy for all students in grades k-5 is to strengthen the learning environment for classroom instruction and academic performance. This policy will help prevent disruption to the educational process, distractions to students and staff to facilitate learning. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of school pride, personal appearance and unity to enhance the image of students and school within the community.


  • Any solid color is acceptable
  • We encourage our school colors: yellow or gold, blue and white


  • Polo
  • Button-down oxfords


  • Sweaters may include v-neck, cardigans, and crew neck
  • Simmons t-shirts and Simmons hooded sweatshirts are only permitted on “Simmons Strong Mondays”


  • Styles may be long or short sleeved
  • Scholars are encouraged to tuck shirts in and wear a belt or shirts may be worn un-tucked with a hem length no longer than the hip line on the student
  • Sweatshirts and sweaters must be worn over a collared shirt exposing the collar of the undershirt and meet the restricted length requirements
  • Black or white turtlenecks and long sleeve t-shirts may be worn under polo shirts for warmth

Restricted Items

  • Hooded sweatshirts (Simmons hooded sweatshirts are permitted on “Simmons Strong Mondays”)
  • Logos, brand graphics or words of any kind
  • Oversized shirts
  • Large coats or jackets with hoods



  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Khaki


  • Chinos
  • Capris
  • Skorts
  • Bermuda shorts


  • No sagging bottoms
  • Shorts must be within 2 inches of the knee
  • No holes

Restricted Items

  • Pajama bottoms
  • Athletic pants or shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Cargo pants
  • Jean pants or shorts
  • Jeggings



  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Khaki


  • Polo
  • Jumpers


  • Must be within 2 inches of the knee
  • Shorts or leggings must be worn underneath



  • Comfortable shoes which promote safety while attending gym or recess are encouraged
  • No shoes that are unsafe or cause a disturbance (oversized, needing repair, make sounds, etc)
  • Shoe tongues must be inside the pant legs and laces or straps fastened correctly
  • No heels
  • No flip-flops that are foam or otherwise designed for the beach
  • No mismatched shoes or shoelaces
  • No accessories on shoelaces
  • No house shoes or slippers


  • Socks and tights must be matching solid colors
  • Leggings must be matching solid colors and only worn under skirts or jumpers
  • Ties are optional and only worn with an oxford style shirt
  • Solid color hair-bows and hair-bands are permitted
  • No distracting jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets that are extreme, attention-getting, oversized, or excessive in quantity
  • No hats
  • No make-up
  • No bandanas


  • Solid color jackets without hoods are acceptable
  • Jackets may be zip up or pullover
  • Label or logo is acceptable if small
  • Graphics or designs are not acceptable



Dress code violations will result in:

  1. Verbal reprimand, teacher-parent contact, correct the infraction
  2. Verbal reprimand, documented warning, teacher-parent contact, correct the infraction
  3. Written referral, documented office warning, detention, office-parent contact, correct the infraction
  4. Written referral, in-school suspension, office-parent contact, correct the infraction
  5. Written referral, in-school suspension, mandatory office-parent conference, correct the infraction
  6. Written referral, two days in-school suspension, mandatory second office-parent conference, signed agreement to follow the policy, correct the infraction
  7. Suspension from school
  • The principal and/or his or her designee will be the last authority on all uniform matters
  • The principal may grant exemptions from school uniform due to the need to wear a certain type of clothing for a religious purpose or school function
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