Board of Education

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Mission Statement

The Woodford County Public Schools, in partnership with families and community, will provide challenging learning opportunities for all students, promote student growth and achievement, and prepare students to strive for excellence.

Core Values

The Woodford County Public Schools believes these core values are an essential foundation to achieving the mission of the district.

P artnership – The Woodford County Public Schools will foster respectful, honest and caring relationships among students, families, staff and the community. We will establish a collaborative effort by all to achieve our common mission.

R espect – The Woodford County Public Schools will show consideration for all. We will seek to understand and accept our students’ diverse needs while maintaining high expectations.

I ntegrity – The Woodford County Public Schools is committed to making decisions based on what is best for students. We will have the courage to do what is right.

D etermination – The Woodford County Public Schools will serve our students with an intentional purpose and tireless focus on student achievement. We are committed to preparing our students for productive citizenship.

E xcellence – the Woodford County Public Schools is dedicated to achieving the highest standard in all that we do. Each employee will provide exemplary service to support student achievement.

Philosophy of the Woodford County Public Schools

We, the Board of Education and all employees, recognize that education is a lifelong process. Woodford County Schools continually strive to improve the instructional programs and to make the schools more successful and safer places for our students.

Therefore, the instructional program shall provide:

1. Opportunities for developing the individual potentialities
    represented in the wide range of differences among pupils,

2. A common fund of knowledge, values, and skills vital to the
    welfare of the individual and nation.

Board Policies and Procedures

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