How do I get my child screened for preschool?

Just call the preschool office at 859-879-4699. You can also email our office manager at: Your child needs to be 3 years old before the screening appointment.

How old does my child have to be to be able to attend?

Minimum age is 3 for tuition and special needs students. Students who are enrolling under income guidelines should be 4 by August 1.

What are the staff qualifications at preschool?

All classroom lead teachers have 4 year degrees/ certification as Early Childhood teachers. Most teachers also have their master’s degrees in Early Childhood or Special Education. All instructional assistants have completed college course work in education. Eight of our assistants have earned the Childcare Development Association certification.

Can I get bus transportation?

Bus transportation is provided for preschool students during the normal morning and afternoon bus routes. A preschool route runs during midday.

Is it safe for my child to ride the bus? Does my child have to ride the bus?

Preschool students ride the same buses with the elementary students. Each bus transporting a preschool student has a driver and an assistant. The preschoolers sit with the bus assistant on the bus. Students are not required to ride the bus.

What are the Family Nights and who can come?

Family Nights are held from 6-7:30 through out the school year, rotating the location between each elementary school. Parents and siblings of enrolled preschool students can attend at no cost. Each family night features a light dinner/snack and many hands-on activities designed to promote learning and to help families know how they can extend learning at home. Take-home kits are distributed and students who complete all the activities can register for door prizes.

What if my child also goes to a daycare or babysitter?

If your child qualifies for free preschool, most of the time we can arrange for the child to be picked up at daycare, provided the location does not change often.

What are the class sizes?

The maximum class size is 20 students with 2 staff members. Most of the time our classes are below this number of students.

What do I do if my child is not potty trained yet?

Children who are not potty trained may begin preschool. Unless there is a documented developmental delay, families are expected to work toward daytime potty training success within three months of starting preschool.