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Core Values

The Woodford County Public Schools believes these core values are an essential foundation to achieving the mission of the district.

P artnership – The Woodford County Public Schools will foster respectful, honest and caring relationships among students, families, staff and the community. We will establish a collaborative effort by all to achieve our common mission.

R espect – The Woodford County Public Schools will show consideration for all. We will seek to understand and accept our students’ diverse needs while maintaining high expectations.

I ntegrity – The Woodford County Public Schools is committed to making decisions based on what is best for students. We will have the courage to do what is right.

D etermination – The Woodford County Public Schools will serve our students with an intentional purpose and tireless focus on student achievement. We are committed to preparing our students for productive citizenship.

E xcellence – the Woodford County Public Schools is dedicated to achieving the highest standard in all that we do. Each employee will provide exemplary service to support student achievement.

Our Mission

The Woodford County Public Schools, in partnership with families and community, will provide challenging learning opportunities for all students, promote student growth and achievement, and prepare students to strive for excellence.

“The Woodford Way”

Woodford County Schools believes that a clear communication of values allows for a consistent manner in which all individuals in the district work to meet the needs of students. This consistency makes Woodford County Schools a great place for adults to work, a system the community takes pride in, and an environment of excellence for students to learn in. “The Woodford Way” encompasses five foundational behaviors of all individuals working to meet the needs of students in Woodford County Schools. “The Woodford Way” is…

1. Expecting continuous individual and collective growth to meet high standards

2. Serving the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of every child

3. Valuing, empowering, supporting and celebrating all stakeholders

4. Making decisions with high levels of integrity and in the best interest of students.

5. Collaborating to maximize success.